Welcome to Directions for Teens and Young Adults

Why Directions for Teens?

“Almost half of the world’s population, the Y generation, today is twenty-one or younger.” This is the first generation of the ‘wanted generation’. They are technically savvy and have been coddled and ‘wrapped in cotton to keep them safe,’ according to Tim Elmore of Growing Leaders Inc. They want to help save the world. They want to find a mission, passion and vocation. They don’t want to just settle for a job like other generations they have seen. This generation desperately needs guidance, mentors and to be heard. That’s why we started Directions for Teens and Young Adults.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help this generation be successful in career, school and life by offering experiential classes, coaching and assessments to help them discover their values, their moral compass, their vision of what they will accomplish in their lifetime, their primary strengths and how they can use them to improve the world, in what location or context they will use their vision and what actions, priorities, to-do’s, activities and next steps are needed to move toward their goals.

Our Process

The age of generation Y are those children born between mid-70s to the early 2000’s. Tim Elmore describes the  iY generation as those born in 2000 and later. The iY generation is shaped by iPod, iPad, instant messaging, Internet and I, I, I.  They are self-centered and feel entitled. We, as parents, have also contributed to the way our children have been shaped. (See Parenting Styles that Contribute to our Teens class.)

Our children have experienced many tragic events in their life and have grown up with so much technology. (They have been called “Screenagers,” too.)

You might wonder “how can parents help their children”? This is where we come in. We help your child discover their own strengths, passions, and visions for their life.

(See “Strengths, Motivation, Personality Inventories” class.)

Through professional assessment and a 20 page report, we help students make a college major/career choice and discover their vocation.  We offer steps for goal setting and motivation. (See our goal setting class, What Would You do With $50,000?”)  In our study skills classes, Easier Ways to Making A’s”, we discuss the importance of time management and how to be an organized student.

In our Easier Essays, Reports and Test Takingclass, we offer good places to study and so much more. For first-year college students, we offer skills on coping with college and the freshman experience in Surviving Your First Year of College.”

For students who want to work part time see the class on “Get Hired for the Holidays which includes what to put on a resume, what employers want in a teen employee, a list of great teenage jobs and the types of companies that hire teenagers.

For Employers, we offer Understanding, Managing and Motivating the Y Generationplus training your employees onOutstanding Customer Service Skills” and “Making Yourself a Valuable Employee.”

One-on-One personalized Coaching/Mentoring is also available.  Coaching is about creating the future. Counseling is about healing the past. We offer Coaching. It can include specific strategies for the student’s current class load, responsibility, grade monitoring, staying organized with their school notes and papers, how to stay ahead in class and so much more.

Check out our Non-profit DirectionstoSuccess.com

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